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Does anyone have any recommendations regarding which book on house flipping I should start with as a newbie who works a 9-5 job in a small but stable housing market? There are so many to choose from and I eventually want to read them all but I am guessing I had better find a place to start. I don't know if it makes a difference but my market is in the relatively small city of Helena, MT. 

I'm very new here and still trying to find my way around the site and just decided on a niche. I'm in awe of what I'm finding here and taking in all I can of this amazing information! Instead of spending the next 3 eons trying to find a niche I've decided to start with flipping houses and learn what I can about flipping in my market. 

 Thank you in advance for any suggestions! 

@Penny Job   I really don't have a recommendation. the only times I was in Helena was for a fishing trip.. and we stayed on a ranch on stemple pass road that turned out to be right next to the unibomber  LOL

but I am dating myself.. My point is you really need to study your MLS stats days on market etc.

Thanks for your time Jay and Richard. I just started studying Helena stats yesterday but I don't know what it all really means yet. I will order J. Scott's book and continue to read/watch/listen to all the amazing free info on BP! 

I am currently using another book, but the items on them like man-hours is off, don't use them for estimates use them to know how to install things.
Craftsman's construction installation encyclopedia. They are expensive though.

Another book you could look into is Flipping Houses for Profit by Brent Driscoll. It's a quick read that I would use as a supplement to other guides. He goes through topics such as building your team, risks, finding the right house in your market, etc. And like others mentioned, I would buy J Scott's book through BP to get the book on rehabbing with it. I'm buying that myself today after listening to the podcast that features him. He's knowledgeable and I can't wait to dive in when it arrives at my house.

Another book I would recommend is FLIP - How to find, fix and sell houses for profit by RIck Villani and Clay Davis.  It walks you through the whole process of how to fix an flip a house.

Hi @Penny Job and Welcome. J. Scotts books are great, however there is a ton of information right here at BP.

Use the search function and find all the great blogs associated with Flipping. Also listen to all the podcast related to flipping, well for that matter listen to them all.

You will learn something from every podcast guaranteed even if the podcast title seems like nothing your interested in. 

Hi @Penny Job ,

I would second (or third, or whatever) the books J. Scotts wrote. However, the costs/man hours are a little off in our area. It's definitely good to know and work with a contractor or subs that you trust.

The Helena Market is good, we had a very busy year. We don't have the huge flip market that some areas do, but it's possible. I'm working on one right now. Let me know if I can answer any more direct questions.


Originally posted by @Jay Hinrichs :

J Scott has one that is recommended on BP.

Be uber careful in small markets like Helena.. really know what your doing before you invest

Hi Jay,

What sort of cautions you would be careful of in a small market like Helena?

thin market not a lot of buyers the most important thing I would want to know is average days on market..  Now I know nothing of that market it could be red hot for all I know.

but smaller town markets tend to be slow movers and usually discounted purchase price from ask because there is so much to choose from.

that's the basics

Jay, in general I agree but many places in Montana have very strong housing markets due to population growth and high housing costs. For instance Bozeman in a small town but a very hot market. Helena not so much but as a government town it's a slow and steady grower IMO. Good advice regardless. 

My favorite book is "Flipping Confidential ,by Kristen Kemp.  It chronicles her experiences . It is not really a how to like Jay Scotts, which I also have and use. But it was the first book I read that made me think yes, we can do this.  It was also the first book I read that was real, she tells you of her disasters, some of which are pretty darn funny.  Check your local library for it.  Good luck!