Question on rehab.

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Found a property for cheap but, it has mold. There is enough equity in it for a major rehab and the inside looks fine except for mold and a few small issues. How bad is it to deal with and when is too much a bad thing. Any replies are appreciated.

I've never dealt with mold,
I've heard horror stories about new laws and insurance nightmares..


Scrubbing with some bleach and/or replacing a few things takes care of it, of course, but if the law makes you use some stupid new age biohazard looking team of idiots to fix it you're going to really spend.

I don't think that happens often.. though 8)

Usually, mold is something that you can deal with very easily. All homes contain mold - even the one that you live in. The problem is when there is a large concentration of mold in a certain area. This is caused by the combination of moisture and a substrait for growth. The substrait is usually an organic material such as wood, fiber, etc.

The first step is to solve the root cause of the problem - which is the source of moisture. Stop the excessive moisture before cleaning the mold. Once the problem is soved, then you can clean the mold problem.

Most people think that bleach with take care of it. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. Bleach is a surface active agent that does not penetrate the substrait. Bleach will kill the head of the mold but will not kill the spore. There are several products on the market that are specifically sold for killing mold. Another alternative is to use Dawn dish detergent. It will kill the head and the spore and clean the area (as an added bonus it will leave your hands soft and looking great :D Thanks P&G).

If the mold is too plentiful, you may need to have a remediation company get involved or demo the property. In southern areas, the nasty black mold can be particularly difficult to abate.

Just do some web research on mold abatement, there is a TON of info out there on dealing with the problem.

I was having allergies and went to the doctor to do some testing. There, I asked whether my allergies mught be coming from mold. He told me that the odds of getting any kind of respiratory problem from mold are so slim. Claims the stories are completely overblown.

Who to believe? The Dr. or the media? Tough choice here. Just thought I'd mention it since we're in the midst of moldy conversation.