Winter Flipping

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I'm like to do my first deal and I'm not thrilled with the idea of wholesaling, but if necessary I will. I an more interested in flipping. That being said, is winter a very good time to venture down that road as a newbie?


Probably depends on your area and how horrid the winters are for you. In Portland Oregon our winters are fairly mild and we have a hopping RE market all year. We had a flip go up on Friday and sold by Sunday with 7 offers. Less demand maybe but less homes for offer so it balances out. You should be able to look up days on market averages for your area and compare seasons.

Winter is the best time in my opinion. Here is why ...

1) There are less buyers out there so the sellers are a little more desperate. Law of supply and demand at its best. So if you can find a deal then you may be set.

2) Rehab usually takes 30-90 days depending on how extensive it is and how good your team is. If you went into escrow today you would close around then end of January or so. Then it would go back on the market right in time for the "season" to pick back up. 

So yeah ... in my opinion it is a great time to buy if you find the right deal.

Best of luck!

Nicole Benischek ,
Last winter my parents purchased a buy and hold that needed some pretty major interior updates, complete kitchen and bath upgrades (4 of each). Since they are holding I will not speak to the ability of selling in winter. But, remodeling in winter is bitter sweet. By the time the remodel is done it takes the winter which is nice because it makes it go by quicker and you can enjoy spring. However, last winter was a record setting for cold and snow in New England. I remember cutting tile when it was -10 outside and that gets (c)old quick, also the cold makes things go slower. Just weigh the pros and cons of each and determine if it is worth it.