Hiring a part-time PM as independent

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As I approach the finish line for my new venture in rehabbing (you can read about it here ) one of the needs I realized besides other, is that I must have a person readily available for deliveries, pickup material, somebody that can do my scouting of properties, do a daily check on the progress and quality, make payments to people that do not use internet banking etc...

In other words, boots on the ground, since I live 4 hours away, and my partner is just too busy to do these things efficiently.

For that reason I found a person that can do all these tasks, after his current daily job, and even self perform some things. 

My question is how do I structure our relationship so he is not considered an employee. Obviously I dont do an adequate number of deals to support a full time position. We have agreed a fixed amount per deal, and anything extra he will get paid per hour. He is a plumber by trade, but has what I'm looking for as an individual. Trustworthy, ability to handle contractors, lives in the area I invest in, knows construction, has a truck, and wants to get in the game of REI. He can also take care punch list items effectively.

If you have any experience with this issue I would appreciate your input.

What you are looking at is a foreman, by job description alone. You can give him general tasks in the beginning and hide from there. How he does it is up to him, but you can't direct him on what to do everyday for him to be 1099.

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