Shower vs Tub for Rental Unit

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Hi  Everyone, 

 A few months back my husband and bought a duplex. We just finished the rehab in our unit and are now rehabbing the rental unit. In our unit we decided to go with a shower instead of a bathtub. We are debating on what to go with in the rental unit. We were first thinking of going with a shower as well but that may scare away any renters with children since a bathtub is more comfortable to bathe  children.  Suggestions please : ) . 

I think you are correct about the bath tub, you would appeal to a larger group of people.  Renters that would only use a shower wouldn't care if it was a shower or a tub but renters that would like a tub may keep looking for a different property.  

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totally  agree with Neil Henderson tub  but with shower  doors they go for like 138 at lowes and the sorround goes for like 100 it's the Avondale  5 piece sorround it's not the prettiest  but will keep water in tub I hate water damage it's the worst before you  know it subfloor is rotten ( pier and beam house or upstairs)

You don't need to appeal to all buyers or renters. Better to appeal to the market you are looking for. Adults without kids prefer a shower over a tub hands down. Adults with kids ages 2-5 years old prefer a bathtub hands down. Who do you want to rent your place? You  don't need all renters you don't need all buyers, for renters you just need the ones you want, for buyers you just need one.

Marko Rubel
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