Powderpost Beetle Infestation

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So we are looking at purchasing a 650 SF (one level) home built in 1924 that has a powderpost beetle infestation on the structural joists under the house. I don't know the exact extent yet, and I know to get the best estimate I should contact a local exterminator or contractor. But what have other investors found out about this problem and remedying it? Anyone have any experience with these powderpost beetles?

Yucko.  I am not familiar with the particular pest, but glad you have discovered it now so that you can factor into your repair costs.  Make sure to get more than one bid...even from the exterminators. Best of luck! 

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Powderpost beetle treatment costs a bit more than other pest treatments, it requires some expensive chemicals. I think last time I had it done it was around $500. 

Structurally it just depends on how significant the infestation is. Could be simple, could be extensive.

@Bryan R. $500 doesn't seem that bad for a treatment. Do you have to keep minding it in case they come back? The sellers provided a receipt showing that they spend $2,000 on the treatment and new insulation. I didn't see the actual damage or anything, but it's nice to know that they are doing something about the issue.