Put tile under cabinets and dishwasher?

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I'll be doing a kitchen rehab that involves replacing the cabinets. If tiling a kitchen floor with Allure TrafficMaster tiles (vs thicker ceramic tiles), is it better to tile underneath cabinets if they are already removed, or not to bother and save a bit on material and labor costs? The concern is the dishwasher would be "locked in" because of the difference in floor height of the cabinets/dishwasher. 

the kick plates should hide the fact there is no tile no need to spend extra,,and avoid a headache

I agree. Of all the home builds I've been apart of, we never did. Most cabinet heights are designed from the slab not flooring.

No tile under cabinets, but yes where the dishwasher goes.

I like to lay plywood down in those places 1- 2 inches less then what it's under and tile up to the plywood. Prevents issues with stove, fridge, dishwasher and leveling cabinets etc. It can go down in fast and saves material and headache and keeps the surface flat and smooth.

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Protip: Shim the cabinets up to the level of the finish floor using plywood.

I would say no under the cabinets but I would file under the dishwasher just in case there is ever a water issue.

I would tile under everything.  It will go quicker.  I don't see you saving too much going this route of patching with plywood.   

@Paul Winka
If you want to do it correctly, tile under it all.

New construction always has the flooring under all areas in the kitchen and remodel jobs typically but up to the cabinets. The reason is because usually when you are replacing a floor in a remodel, the cabinets don't always get replaced at the same time. This is the only reason you see this in construction methods. You are correct about the dishwasher being locked in as well. It will happen in most cases.

The cost is very low and will save you some headaches down the road. Tile under everything is my recommendation.

You can also run them under the cabinets, but leave the last piece out at the wall, except around the stove opening, and the dishwasher.  Then use the cut up scrap to fill in around the wall where the sides of each cabinet will sit, doesn't have to be pretty, and can be done as the cabinets are installed.  This saves all the work of the finish cuts, and the cabinets are still on top of the finished floor.  Which means that the dishwasher won't be a problem.

Or install the floor everywhere.

Or install the cabinets, then the floor.  But to be safe, you'll need to shim the cabinets off the floor at least the height of the finished floor.

I always run the floor through the entire kitchen. There's such little savings not to, and it makes leveling the cabinets easier than trying to either short the tile to where the cabinets will land, or to infill under the cabinets so the height is the same.

Good responses and I learned a lot.. I'll decided to go with tiling underneath all the cabinets since it checks these items off list: 1. not locking in dishwasher, 2. the tile is cheap, just $2 per each 36" x 12" piece, 3. tiling everything is what is done with new construction, and 4. would add some additional protection against subfloor if there is a leak.

Does anyone put tile / linoleum to line the bottom of the sink base cabinet (protecting cabinet against leaks)? Good idea?

I have seen a rubber liner in the bottom of cabinets. I wouldn't tile or line with flooring, but maybe look into a liner if you are worried about future leaks.

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