Grass or rock / desert scape.

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Does it make sense to do a rock/desert scape. Or just seed for grass. On a house I'm selling the cost difference is about 1,500 to 2,000 will that help the value of the house go up

Not sure if it helps values in Cali but here in Indiana I'm slowly converting my mulch beds into hardscapes with boxwoods for year-round greenery and maiden grasses for height and volume.  

Less maintenance!  We let the dead grasses remain through Winter for a nice aesthetic and cut them down in the Spring after the first couple of new shoots pop up.

No more Spring mulching, almost no weeding if plastic was put down, leaves blow right off in the Fall and a great curb appeal that many properties don't have around here.

Thanks for your input @Mark Radford Out here a lot of people are starting to make the switch to rockscape with the whole drought in California. But from an investors stand point I'm wondering if it would make sense to spend more money on it most people in the area. Have grass. I see your point on curb appeal and that's why it came up in the first place. Have to make a decision here in the next few days

Yeah if it's a flip may  it not be necessary but I'd wager you'd get all your money back plus.  All the features and benefits are upsells to a buyer I'd think. If you do it watch everybody on the block copy though! Ha.

@Mark Radford I already see the neighbors walking around trying to get a peek at the interior. Of the house

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