Ugent - Cleaned carpets and now it smells!

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My husband and I cleaned the carpets in one of the houses day before yesterday. We couldn't leave the windows open to help air it out due to thunderstorms here. Hubby goes over this afternoon and said the smell hit him like a brick wall when he walked in. It's like a dirty sock smell and I'm sure it's from the carpeting not being totally dry. Problem is our tenant is moving in tomorrow night!! Any suggestions? He's going to go over tonite and open the windows and use some frebreeze on the carpets...hoping that will help. Anyone have this problem before and if so what did you do? We also are going to run the ceiling fans and a couple floor box fans to see if we can speed up the drying. It's not that wet now though...just barely damp.

Oops, sorry I guess I can't spell Urgent tonite.

Rent an industrial fan from home depot or another DIY store to blowdry the carpets.

It most likely comes from the rubber padding underneath. I usually use Stanley Steamers. They are good and inexpensive. (No, I don't own a franchise or stocks... :lol: ) really, have them deodorize it and they can also give you free advise...
Good luck

I've NEVER had carpets smell like that after cleaning...UNLESS, they were shot, beyond cleaning and needed replacement.

go to the grocery store and rent one of the carpet cleaners and use it to suck up the excess water.

u need to get those deodorized asap.

good luck!

Thanks all,

It's newer carpet is the puzzling part. We did rent one of those rug doctors...that's what we cleaned it with initially. Maybe it wasn't sucking the water up well enough. Hubby took over a de-humidifier and will run that all night and see if it helps.

I think I got those same storms that hit you today. Wicked storms but will go away fast. You're right on with the dehu. Humidity intensifies smell. You need to get the wet air out of the building. Combine it with Josh's suggestion on a big fan.

Once the carpets are a little dryer, pour a crap load of Glade carpet deodorizer and then vacuum it. The powder should soak up the last bit of moisture and get everything smelling better.

I have had the same thing happen. I redid the carpets and made sure that everything was soaked up this time around and I rented the industrial fan which made it dry very quickly. If you decide to skip the re-wash, you should use the fan and possibly try fabreeze for carpets. It should kill any smell.

Alls well that ends well. It seems the combination of the de-humidifier, frebreeze and fans have did the trick and it no longer smells. Thank goodness! Next time I think we'll just hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to come in and do it. The rental machines we had didn't work well. We got 2 of them and one didn't suck well and the other didn't spray well. Between the 2 we got the job done but apparently not well enough as it left it too wet. Another lesson learned :D

The best way to remove any kind of smell from carpet is to use baking soda. Take a handful of your daily use baking soda and spread it on your carpet. Leave it for a night and in morning just vacuum your wool carpet thoroughly.

I am a carpet cleaner. The problem you have is caused by over wetting the carpet. Bacteria begins to grow within 24 hours if you do not get them dry quickly. It pays to have the carpets professionally cleaned. If you don't know the proper process then you can create problems such as mold and mildew. As you probably already know, there can be serious health problems caused by mold and mildew and you do not want a law suit as a result of someone being exposed to something you caused. If any of you need a carpet cleaner then tell me where you are. I am in touch with many different carpet cleaners across the country and can help you find one that will do a quality job and at a reasonable rate. I would stay away from the franchise carpet cleaners as they often cut corners to maintain their profit margins. An owner/operator will be a better fit and they will be more attentive to your needs for the most part. 

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