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Hi BP!

I'm currently shopping around to find a quality Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinet supplier for my galley style kitchen in my condo in the Bay Area. Does anyone have a good cabinet location? I plan to live in here for 1 year or so and then convert it to a rental so long-term durability is important. I'm looking at mid-continent cabinetry as an option. I need about 14 pieces total which includes 2 bathroom single sink vanities.

Current quote from HD (Home Depot) for their ready made in inventory cabinets is $6000, those are particle boardlow-grade cabinets. A local mom-pop shop quoted me $10k for mid-continent cabinetry just for 14 pieces!

I'm open ideas. Are there any wholesale cabinet suppliers in Catro Valley?

You can try Granite Expo in Oakland or United Granite and Cabinet Center in Richmond.

I read other forums and it seems like the quality at Ikea is not durable long term and difficult to install.  I may be wrong but this is what I read.

@Sam Gill

Ive done a few remodels and new construction projects with Ikea cabinets, I think they're great. Construction is particle board (which I don't feel that matters), what is important in cabinets are the moving parts (hardware) and Ikea use good quality harware. 

The assembly is easy (once you have done 1 or 2 cabinets). Another thing that I value is that Ikea isn't going anywhere, So whether its you or your tenant using the base cabinet drawers as a stair case one is going to break eventually and when it does just go grab another one at the store,  or if its a manufacturing defect Ikea will replace it (25 year warranty).

I personally don't care for the finishes on the drawer and door fronts (I like the look and feel of real wood), and to address this issue you can use a company like they will make real wood doors and drawer fronts that are designed to use the Ikea cabinets. And the fact that when you buy Ikea cabinets you buy them in individual pieces means that you don't have to buy the door and drawer fronts, so save the cost and put that money toward a nice finish (if thats you thing)... I'll get off my soapbox now...

Don't do Ikea your contractor will hate you. Have you ever purchase something from ikea and try putting it together? It take a long time. Dont do it.

I been to a ton of cabinet shops the cheapest one is

Uni-tile in hayward. It a Chinese place but the cabinets are decent and looks good. They are not particle board and are light self closing.

Good luck.

@Sam Gill I like KWW, they sell chinese cabinets, but the boxes are plywood construction.  I have used them in nearly a dozen small reno projects and they work well and are priced right.  They have a locations in SF, Oakland and San Jose.  Lead times can be long because they import as needed, so plan accordingly if you use them.  You should be able to get all 14 boxes for less then $4k.  Depending on our style choice you might be able to get cabinets that are even more affordable.  If you are going to live there, just do the demo and install yourself.  It is really easy and should take 1 or 2 weekends at the most.


I have had decent luck with RTA cabinets from the Internet. Also bought JSI brand cabinets from small local shops near me. JSI seems to be the bargain cabinet for investors from what I have seen. I agree, for 14 cabinets you probably will be under $4000.

$6-10k is way too much IMO. 

I agree, avoid particle board. Especially in the bathrooms with humidity it can be a disaster. IKEA isn't durable for rentals IMO. 

I like East Star in San Francisco. Chinese guys, all solid plywood construction. Many updated cabinet choices. They stock everything. You could do basic shaker cabs for $2-3k. They also have great prices on granite and Cesar stone, as well as set bath vanities/tops/sinks at great prices. It's all quite decent quality, and the value rocks. I don't bother with other places anymore, as the value simply isn't there. 

@Sam Gill We've remodeled 8 kitchens now. We use IKEA in all of them. IKEA has a 25 year guarantee on their cabinets. They look nice and are cheap. If you really have trouble finding someone to install the cabinets for you IKEA will do it for ~50-60 a cabinet though at that price I would probably build them myself.

@Taye N. is right.  I once bought a bathroom set from ikea and my contractor got so frustrated with it.  If you were to go to Uni-tiles in Hayward, you can also stop by Pacific flooring.  There pricing are pretty competitve with each other.   Bring your measurements, and they can give you a 3D drawing as well. 

Thank you for all the great response.  I will check out these recommended places this weekend and share before and after pictures once completed. 

@Sam Gill - Are you doing the renovation yourself?  Did you compare cabinet pricing with Sincere, East Star, Uni-tile or anywhere else?

Here the update pictures.

Hey Sam. Went to KWW and their prices are great. Did you get your countertop from them as well. Also, what kind of tiles are you using in your bath?

Nice job. Are you able to share the price for the kitchen cabinets?

@Sam Gill - i believe KWW doesn't cut and install the countertops. Did you find someone else to do that?  Thanks. 

Cabinets and countertop was roughly $4000. 

Private message for my kitchen cabinet contractor number.

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