Which paint colors are you using?

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What color are you painting your kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc...? Do you usually use the same colors in all of your houses or switch colors house to house? Do you roll the paint on or use a sprayer?

Where do you generally find the best deal for paint?

I go with lighter colors. There are the usual selection of whites - off white, egg shell, etc. I am also used lighter earth tones, like sand, etc. 

I go with colors that have the broadest level of appeal, and those tend to be it.


@John Burtle

Greigies or Gray/Beige's are popular. Just jump on pinterest and ask for the top gray colors or top grieges and you will have a lot of options. 

Yes, you do use the same color throughout the whole house. Saves time, confusion and money. 

Depends on the painter. Most painters use rollers, unless its a brand new build, then sprayers are quicker. But I wouldn't use a sprayer in a rehab, because it would take too much time taping and covering everything so the paint wouldn't ruin everything. 

Sherwin Williams is my go to place. They often have coupons and run specials. Also you can set up an account with them and just send your painters/contractors there to grab the paint for you.


Behrman Paint

Quail Ridge and Merino are the two colors I use for all my properties

Behr Paint - Antique White for interior walls.

Sometimes we go for a tan color, depending on the property. We don't use gray, as most of our properties have wood trim in light or dark wood tones. The wood trim looks better with an off white or tan.

my go to color is Agreeable Gray - Sherwin Williams

spray all trim, molding and doors - semigloss white

Thanks for the replies! I always like hearing what others are using.

@John Burtle

It depends if you're talking flips or rentals.. 

I guess I should of cleared that up.
I meant for flips and for rentals. I'm guessing most use cheaper paint in rentals?

I use SW-Realist Biege for walls, Cotton White for trim/doors and Spalding Gray for an accent wall in different locations. Goes with the color schemes I end up with on cabinets, counters and flooring.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (it's a greige) or bedrooms/liv room/hallways

Restoration Hardwares Silver Sage for kitchens (it's a beautiful light greenish-gray)

Ben Moore - Santorini Blue for bathrooms

We have gone to these standard colors in all rentals and have gotten lots of good feedback. Warm and homey look.

Oh, and I forgot to mention....our local True Value hardware store can look up the formula on their computer so they can make the expensive companys' paint colors in their generic brand paint. Looks the same but a fraction of the cost of buying Restoration Hardware paint for example.

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