Having contractor troubles

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I'm trying to flip a house with almost no money. Let me explain.
I'm financing a house though a bank and also getting the rehab included in the mortgage. My issue is finding a contractor willing to do it.
Most contractors say they will do it ok the phone and everything goes well until the detailed proposal part. They either stop responding or say they a need a few more days then stop responding.

Is there anything I can do make it easier? Any recommendations in the Indianapolis area?

Thank you in advance!

IDK about Indy, but in Philly the work is plentiful for contractors right now. When work is plentiful they can be choosy with the jobs they take on. Jobs that require payment on a draw schedule after work is completed/inspected is low on the "want" list of contractors, it seems.

Indy is a tough place these days to get estimates or work and tougher at a reasonable price even if you have long standing relationships. You may need to provide an incentive to motivate them.

@Jonathan Gracia from my perspective contractors are busy and they don't have to take just any project.  Does your financing model force the contractor to incure their own costs up front. Are you taking care of the first draw, or is it on the contractor?  

@Jonathan Gracia Agreed with @Max T. and @Ritch Bonisa .. Right now it's building season, contractors have plenty to choose from if they are reputable and have any experience. If you give them a bull **** job or a job where they have to put money out of their pocket, they won't even look at your job. I suggest you do the work yourself and sub everyone out. You'll save lots of money and you'll be able to learn the business very fast and a lot better than to just sit and watch someone else manage his guys. Give it a couple more months and they will be coming to you asking for work and they'll take any price that isn't 0 when that time comes. Happens to everyone that I've worked with, when they are doing fine and are busy they tell me to go screw myself and when my time comes where I have work and they don't, I tell them the same.

My suggestion is to just manage it yourself, and you won't ever need a GC. Find a framer, tile guy, roofer, siding guy, kitchen guy, floor guy, molding guy, door guy, painter, stucco guy, mason, and the list goes on. it takes a while to get the best prices but with that being said, everything comes out cheaper.

Don't work with a contractor that displays bad communcation skills in the beginning. It only gets worse once you let them in your property and start paying them. Trust me. Network with credible investors for referrals. Ask  credible investor friendly realtors for referrals. Its better to pay more and get the job done than to pay low to medium and the contractor do a ****** job and or walk off with your money. Trust me.

Phillip Amaechi I don't know about your area, but here, contractors are too busy, if you don't pre-scope your work, or don't own the property, or/and don't have money to pay us, we move on, there are plenty of low hanging fruit in almost every hot market. It's not always about contractors, there is an equal number of shady contractors and shady investors, investor wannabees, or tire kickers. The no money part will always weed me away from all clients, and the statement that he wants to wrap the rehab fund on the loan is 50/50 that it needs a 203k contractor with the OP not owning the property. I wouldn't even show up on the job.