Polished Concrete Floor for the Whole House?

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I've been thinking about just polishing the concrete slab I have and sealing it off instead of getting laminate floor installed. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will it be harder to sell? 

Is the slab insulated (underneath) and heated (hydronic or electric in-floor)?

Not sure if you are far enough north to experience *real* winter, but large expanses of uninsulated / unheated tile, stone, or concrete floors tend to be cold underfoot.

ah, I should have mentioned that the house is outside of Houston, TX! I am from Allentown, but this project has me halfway across the country. 

I've noticed a trend bubbling under the surface of stained concrete floors as opposed to carpet or other flooring materials. The few I've seen are actually quite attractive. I understand Kroger is doing that in their stores when they remodel.

I spoke with a contractor about it just the other day as an alternative to replacing flooring in a flooded home. But he said it was VERY expensive. The upside is the maintenance costs go away for the most part.

My personal opinion is just polishing the concrete slab will still look like concrete. I don't think that would be very attractive. But that's me.

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