Sacrifice Guest bath for a Full-sized/Bigger Master Bath??

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Curious what you guys think on this scenario:

Currently, the house is a 3/2.5.  Considering combining the half bath (guest bath) with the Master bath since they share the same wall and because Master bath is painfully small.  

Do you guys think a larger master is better for resale if it means the half-bath is eliminated?  Note:  The door for the current half-bath would remain in place so that guests can still use the facilities Without needing to enter through the master Bedroom.

Proposed new configuration:

Larger Master Bath with 2 sinks vs. 1 sink, more storage, and a shower (no tub).


Alternate Proposed new configuration:

Small Master Bath with 1 sink, limited storage, new shower (no tub).  Half-bath would also be updated/remodeled.  

Thanks BPers,




I'm always in favor of a larger master bath, but I would be hesitant if you are leaving the door for guests.  Imagine the woman of the house is taking a shower and your guy friends come over unexpectedly.  One of them needs to use the restroom.  What are you going to do?  Now imagine that woman is the one thinking about buying your house when that scenario comes to her mind - what will she say to purchasing your property?  Just my opinion.

I might think differently about it if it wasn't the master bath.

Where is the other full bath in the house? That would be better as the "guest bath", not the master.

In your scenario I would look at the local comps. Are smaller masters with 2.5 baths selling for more, or larger masters with only 2 full baths?

Personally would lean towards keeping the 1/2 bath, as on paper it looks better. I guess how small the master is would matter in that.

what the comps read? is it possible to use the other bathroom as a guest bathroom?

Does new ARV minus rehab costs exceed old ARV?

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