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I'm thinking about working with a rehab team near Fort Worth, TX since I'm working on an initial buy and hold property.  Has anyone had any experience working with any of these companies in the DFW area for a Rehab?  The first two companies don't appear to offer property management, only rehab.  Then the 3rd looks more like a traditional turnkey company.  Any info would be appreciated, Thanks - Eric

Finishing Touches?

2675 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76118


Renovation Gurus?

508 Bedford Rd.
Bedford, TX 76022


Turn Key Real Estate & Management Services?

1500 North Main Street,
Suite 140, Fort Worth, TX 76164

@Eric Chappell - I have done a lot of work with Finishing Touches.  The owner Blake Johnson is super responsive both during rehab and if you have issues after (for my rentals anyhow) - in other words he stands behind his work.  We used him on 3 rentals this year alone.  The process is very hands-off for me, which is great since I work a full-time job still.  If you don't have a lot of experience, I would definitely recommend them.

I have not worked with Rehab Gurus, but @Sherry Patterson had the owner Ron Carlson out at her recent meetup in Euless (you should try to make the next one).  He gave a good talk on the rehab topic and clearly knows his stuff.  Seems he is probably putting out a similar product to Finishing Touches.  I think Ron is also speaking at the upcoming DFW Investors group that meets at the Addison Convention Center on Monday, November 13th.  I highly recommend attending - lots of good networking there.

Never heard of the 3rd company.  We self-manage - there is nothing to it really if you rehab the property right and do appropriate tenant screening - so I have never looked into turn key management. 

Good luck,


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