1 BR Septic Permit on 3 BR House - how do I fix this?

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I have a deal I am trying to do my due diligence on. The septic was permitted for a 1 bedroom tank and the house is a 3/2. The wholesaler notes the septic tank is too small and needs to be replaced with a bigger one but hasn't done any investigating past that note.

I think I need to find out if the permit matches what was actually installed and if not, can I get it permitted correctly? Don't know how to do this.

If really too small, don't they have to perk test to see if a larger one can even be installed?

Wouldn't the leechfield have to be replaced to accommodate a bigger tank too?

What else am I missing?

What are my steps to get an estimate of what this cost would be and if it can even be done? I don't want to end up with a property I can't actually fix and sell.

Experienced input is very much appreciated!

Talk to the relevant city or county to find out requirements.  Talk to septic system companies to find out the costs.

In the end this is a 1 bedroom house from a value standpoint now. For septic lot size matters as for a standard gravity septic you need a space for the leach field. This is cheaper then any other type of septic. Some towns will list contractors on thier web site who have worket in the area. They may know the local issues with upgrading even without looking at the property. Also check the age of the system, if it is very old that is an issue, we once had a house with a brick septic, that isnt common but age can contribute to whether you need a tank or tank plus leach field. Price it all.

@Kelly Rastatter I recently had this issue and posted the job on craigslist, asking for responses WITH referrals on their septic work. 

I was able to find 3 good subs who came out to see it and gave me a quote. Chose one who had good referrals and a  good price, and they knew how large it needed to be. 

IF you are working with referrals, def check w/ city also. 



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