How did you find your contractor for your 1st Flip?

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I am looking for a contractor in Philadelphia for a few fix and flip deals I want to put a bid on. How have you guys gone about locating good contractors? any tips or tricks to locating and interviewing contractors in your areas?

Marlon Long

@Marlon Long - through networking at my local REIA is where I found a lot of my contractors in NC. I would ask who they use for subs. Another way I found a great roofing sub was from the more main stream roofing company I used on a couple jobs. I noticed on three different roofing jobs, the same subs keep showing up for this roofing company. Each time I talked to the sub, and then finally I asked if he did any of his own business. Turns out the sub had his own crew, had an LLC, and was licensed and bonded. I went from paying $4,000 to $4,500 for a roof to $3,000 to $3,200 a roof for a group of these mutli family properties I owed.

Early on I used the Lowe's preferred contractor for installing stock cabinets in two units at a quad. Same thing here, I talked to the folks doing the install. I just used them going forward and worked with them directly. I would have lowes deliver the stock cabinets to the job site, and the cabinet crew would show up separately. Saved a ton of money.

I just did a buy & hold deal here in New Orleans, but it was a full gut and restoration. The GC I used was referred to by a friend that was an architect. My friend had done several jobs with this GC and even used him for work on his own home.  

There are a lot of ways to find good contractors and subs. Good luck!

Hey Marlon,

If you are looking for a reliable contractor in the area i would be happy to help you out. I am fully licensed and insured, also have plenty of referrals. If interested please send me a message. Thanks


Go to your local builders supply. Talk to the manager of the project center (most stores have them). Let them know what you're doing. 9x out of 10 they'll have a stack of cards from contractors they refer and see in the store 3/4 times a week. 

@Marlon Long there are a few ways you can do it, Home Depot has a pro recommendation website, HomeAdvisor, Yelp are some quick mainstream ways to find contractors, but I recommend finding only subcractors on these sites as general contractors tend to be very pricey. Ask for recommendations on BP or other investors in your specific area. This is a great way to find good, proven, and affordable general contractors and subcontractors. 

Finding a good contractor is probably the hardest part of the process! Even if it's a referral, it's truly a Trial & Error situation, keep your fingers crossed and a close eye on them at first! 

Try networking with your local REIA group. Great info there.

I asked for recommendations on my local facebook community page and interviewed a few from there. I got references and had them send me pictures with phone numbers to match the pictures. One thing I make sure to say to all references is " so 'contractor x' told me that he is your cousin/brother/relative, correct?" That way, if the are, they will freely admit it, and if they say they arent, I'll pretend that I must have mixed up the names.

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