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Hello BP Happy New Years to all of you and hopefully a fantastic one it will be!!

So I will try and keep my post somewhat short. I’ve been apart of BP for about two years and in that span I have Acquired two buy and hold properties out of state (I was hoping for more but It’s a start). I’m very eager to begin rehabbing and flipping homes ideally in Southern California (Los Angeles area) or possibly in the Kansas City area wher my rentals are. I have attended a few local meet ups trying to network and build knowledge but I feel like I need more. I would love if someone who is currently rehabbing and flipping would be willing to let me tag along and learn the business. I’m willing to offer any value I can to make it worth it for the person. 

A little bit about me. I’ve been a full time Firefighter for the past 13 years and also a licensed realtor based out of Glendale Ca. I enjoy the realtor side of real estate and I know there is value there but rehabbing, flipping and eventually developing is what really excites me!!! 

If anyone is interested in sharing some knowledge I would love to meet up for lunch (on me) and see if we could work something out.

I really appreciate whoever takes the time to read my post!!

Cheers BP!!!!

Thanks for the intro and your service. For flipping lloyd segal teaches a weekend boot camp in la that I would suggest you attend. Also try and find a local meet up and there is an invest club in Glendale you start attending regularly. Remember knowledge is power and having a team to asiist is number one. Happy to network and assist 

Thanks so much JoAnn. I have attended some meet ups in Glendale and I’m going to attend one of Lloyd’s meet ups. Completely agree knowledge is power and I’m looking to surround myself with like minded people motivated to make this business successful!!

@Danny Cerecedes if you want to tag along one day at one of our flips and learn PM me and we'll set it up. 

Hey Shawn,

Thanks for the response! I will definitely take you up on that offer. Maybe we can get on the phone and chat and set it all up. Thanks again!

Originally posted by @Shawn Ward :

@Danny Cerecedes if you want to tag along one day at one of our flips and learn PM me and we'll set it up. 

I googled Lloyd Segal. I think others should google him too before spending money on his course. 

Logan I believe it was a Podcast I had listened to a couple years ago. It was a good experience but I think now that I have owned for a couple of years and built some relationships with property Mgt, realtors and contractors I want to acquire properties where I can add my own value with renovations and pull that equity to keep the acquisition process going...atleast that’s the plan.

Originally posted by @Logan Allec :

@Danny Cerecedes awesome.  How did you come across your out-of-state investments?

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