Finding recent bankruptcy homes lists?

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I'm putting together a mailing list for my next campaign. I'm focusing on bankruptcies but not sure where to a list or how to put together the list myself. Is there a website that has a list of recent bankruptcy homes or how would I go about finding that?

Any advice?

Homes do not go bankrupt.
People declare bankruptcy.

someone going through bankruptcy would have protections from foreclosure and collections and I would imagine they may be less likely to sell unless the bankruptcy is dismissed or thrown out.

My opinion is that it’s an option people pursue to keep their house...

That said, there is a specific bankruptcy court. I’m not sure if the files are public record, but at some point the record is public because I can see bankruptcies listed on a persons profile on beenverified. You might get familiar with the process and courthouse to see if you can manually collect names and research them on the GIS if there’s no website already doing this.

Bankruptcy information is public record nationwide. 

I'm not in the camp that believes BK is a good source for real estate leads. The debtor won't be able to buy another home.

However, you can certainly open up a PACER account to view records.

@Nina Vill
People who file for bankruptcy with real estate are filing typically to keep the house. I wouldn’t find them as a good source to sell as if they did and had equity and made a profit it the trustee would most likely take the $ to pay unsecured debt.

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