Whole House Mold Remediation

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Hey everyone, can anyone share what they're paying for whole house mold remediation? 3/2, tri-level (so no real basement), with mold on literally every surface. I looked into some of the walls and it didn't look like it got into the studs, but I'm not ruling out the possibility. Been vacant for about 18 months.

I'll need to take it down to the studs, and take out all of the flooring. I'm estimating $20k, but any thoughts on what this runs? I'm in Columbus, Oh.

@Joshua Myers

I'm almost positive I know the house you're talking about and it's bad.  Even after the drywall is out of there every one of those studs will need to be treated.  No professional remediation company is going to put their name on paper without treating every surface of that house, including the ductwork.  How much it costs will depend on how much prep work you do ahead of time and how many man hours it will really take for them to get the job done.  Don't pay your mold remediation people to tear out drywall.  I'd get a few estimates because it can vary quite a bit on a job that size.

Full disclosure, we have submitted an offer on that property so I'll be happy to discuss numbers with you once the seller has accepted an offer - ours, yours, or one of the others.

Every piece of drywall and all new ducts if bad. That alone would be 20-30k. Let alone another 5 for treatment and then possibly kilz all the studs.

@Matt Stewart  

I'll follow up once we know if either of us get the property. I've never seen anything that bad in terms of mold. I'd love to see what happens either way.

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