Help! rehab delayed 4 months already

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Our contractor was doing well with our SFH. So we continued to use her for our apartment building rehab. The contract sets 180 days for completion. Things seemed to go well at first then started to slow down due to utility problems. It's been almost 4 months past the expected completion date. Still not finished! We're told another month is needed!

How long does it usually take to get all utilities set? (inspection, meter etc for electricity, gas, water) 

I can't believe 5 months delay for this project when we were told it's 6 months' renovation. What shall I do? Help.  Thanks

@Amy Hu it’s a contractors market (as well as sellers market). They have the upper hand unless you wrote the contract scope schedule budget to have a time constraint. Lesson learn for the next one.

Also this is the reason I don’t like sfhs. Vendors are not very professional so I went to mfh and work with bigger company and don’t have to worry about this.

@Amy Hu  if I understand correctly, the apartment buildings are taking 10 months so far for completion?

However being that you are the owner, aren't you the one that sets those appointments up for utilities? If so, I would follow up with the utility companies and see if everything is on. If they are, then I would let your contractor know that she has 2 days to get back in there working, if not, she will be fired. Then just move on.

What I have learned is you have to be pro-active with the contractors otherwise they will take advantage. If they don't show up for 2 days straight, then start looking for someone else. Time is money as you know. 

Good luck!

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The delays you mention seem excessive, that said, if the delays are due to the local utility company (some are common but not that long) then you don’t have a lot of options but I am feeling like the contractor here has caused at least some of the delays. This is why it is so important to have a solid contract with your contractors and subs. I would suggest including penalties for future contracts 

@Amy Hu Help your contractor to push utility schedule up. You as the homeowner have the ability to call utility companies to fastrack their schedule, some utility companies are really slow though. Penalties are great in this situation, then again, we don’t know the whole story. Why would an apartment renovation take 6 months? How many units are there? 200?

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