To add a Shower or not

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I bought a 5 bedroom house which actually has about 7 living spaces, one full bathroom and 2 half bathrooms (no shower). I intend to BRRRR with it.

I am very conflicted about expanding one of the 1/2 bathrooms to add a shower. On one hand I am thinking a house with 5-7 rooms should have a second shower to improve rentability and on the other hand I am thinking if I should leave as it is and save on rehab costs. Most 5 bedroom houses in the area have more than 1 shower.

Do you think a second shower is required for a 5 bedroom house for rentability and eventually sellability? 

Will it improve rentability drastically or it won't matter?  

How much would converting a 1/2 bath into a 3/4th bath add to the overall appraised cost? 

Appreciate your views on this.

Add the shower... An additional shower will typically repay you twice the cost of adding it. In your case that house truly needs it and not having it will hurt you. 

5 bedrooms and only one place to wash the stank off is less than ideal. Definitely add it.

no questions; you must add a shower

to get a value just look at comps. Also know that most buyers & renters will simply immediately cross off a 1 shower house. 

What area of seattle is this property?

another vote to ADD

I add showers to any half-bath that I can. easy upgrade, huge benefits.

Add the shower,   but do it right.    Its a rental,  so it should be a full one piece fiberglass install,  and Add a ventilation fan and ideally hook it up to an automatic humidity sensor switch  (good upgrade too for any bathroom that doesn't have it).    Even with the fiberglass surround, probably good to remove all the drywall behind it.

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