Will Help With Your Rehabs In Exchange for Hands On Experience!

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Hey BP!

I'm a fairly new RE Investor in Central Florida looking to find my first deal. I've been growing my education in RE for about a year, and my wife and I have been actively looking for our first deal for about 6 months now.

While we wait for that first deal, however, I want to make sure I'm also continuing to invest in gaining practical experience that will help that first one be a success!

Wanted to reach out to the Central Florida BP community and see if anyone could use an extra set of hands on one of their rehab projects. I know that no matter what our first deal looks like, there will be some kind of rehab involved and I want to learn-by-doing as much as I can.

I don't have an abundance of time, as I work full-time as a Product Manager in Technology for Disney...but I have some evenings to spare and most weekends with enough notice. We don't have kids and I will be as flexible as I can be to accommodate what you need.

I'm happy to do whatever you believe would be most helpful, wether that's actually doing some of the rehab work (I'm handy, and can also learn quickly if it's something I haven't done previously), or if you need me to follow up on leads, or walk a property that you can't get to. Any of that! Just looking to gain experience in all aspects of RE and would love to leverage your business to do that as I get mine started!

Please feel free to DM me if you'd like to chat more about how I can offer my enthusiasm and time to help get your project done!

For rehab experience, you might consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, they might better accommodate your schedule.

@Aaron Klatt - Really interesting thought. I know they wouldn't be able to walk me through things with an investor's mindset, though. But still it's a really interesting idea. Thanks for the insight, Aaron!

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