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I need a roofer in the Raleigh area for repair.  Any recommended is appreciated.

@Joe Moore - We used Huntington for both our Memphis flips and personal residence.  Been impressed.

Are you not using a property management company who can get roofing repairs done for you???

I agree. Huntington is not the cheapest but they do good work. We have used Elite Roofing before- very good price, but I just discovered that a roof they did that was supposed to have been a tear-off was not. As in we paid for a tear-off but they layered it on. That is a fun conversation.

@Elizabeth Wilson   Thank you Elizabeth for your recommendation.  You have been a great resource.  I appreciate you very much.

@Curt Davis I don't feel that I need a PM company at my present size. When I have a much larger portfolio at some point it will be done.

Has anyone work with Ken or Kendrick Brewer as a roofer or handyman?

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