Vinyl Planks for a rental property

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Hello everyone, I am rehabbing a property I intend to rent, doing the Brrrr strategy. I want to try using vinyl plank floors in a rental because I have heard some good things about them. One of the people I got an estimate from said I should go with 5 mm or above for a rental because it is more durable. What is everyone’s experience with vinyl plank floors? Should I only go with 5 mm or above?

They are wonderful and I install them in all high traffic areas of my flips !!!! Here is a pic of what we use. Its water proof and if a piece were to ever get damaged you can replace just that piece. I say go for it !!!

I put 3.7mm in my rehab.  It has been rented out for about a year now and the floors still look great.  Cost me $1.79/sqft I think.  I thought about going with the thicker stuff, it was $2.79/sqft.  As of right now after one year I'd make the same choice if I had to do it over again. The current tenants have I large dog and I haven't seen any scratch on the floor from him.  I like the vinyl plank because it looks nice, has wood-like texture and is waterproof so it can go in every room, and each individual piece can be replaced if need be.  I had an appraisal done on the house a month ago and the appraiser thought it was actual hardwood (I can definitely tell the difference but it still looks pretty close.)

I've used Allure Trafficmaster which is 3.8mm @ $1.79 probably the same stuff @Josh Dillingham mentioned.....and its been installed for years in a couple of rentals and in my Lake cottage.  It has held up great even in high traffic areas.  Most people have no idea its vinyl flooring, you'll be surprised how realistic it looks.  If you're installing yourself just make real sure that whatever you're installing it over has NO imperfections......even very small humps, holes, cracks will eventually show thru because the product is so flexible.  

Rental 8mm, home use 13mm lighter color. Rental must use better quality subfloor material taking up the tolerance and able to keep animal urination. Most rentals I can smell that pets waste for years because of soaking through subflooring.

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