How should I invest 100K ?

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Hello fellow bigger pockets members! 

Just wondering what some of you are thinking out there? 

I bit of back ground: 

I am a licensed realtor in CA. I work for a reputable and known company helping buyers, sellers, and investors. I help investors find and flip homes. Investors have netted between $40k and 120k per property. 

I am weighing my options: 

Some people say to put that money back into the business... others say to keep earning in my current RE business and have other streams of income.

Or start building wealth by buying a home or rental property. 

If you have some experience, what would you suggest for me if I were your son, brother or someone you cared about? 

Thanks in advance! (it always helps to get an outsider perspective: I plan to have about 300k by the end of this year). 

Invest in a small Nevada city. The taxes in Nevada and overall cost of living is very low especially in smaller cities like Carson City, Sparks or Reno.  While the cost of living is low it is quickly increasing as people from States like California move to Nevada at incredible rates. A quick Google "Are people moving to Nevada?" might explain better.  

Invest with an investor that is local. One who knows where the best returns are possible on a fix and flip. I would stay away from rentals for the time being since it is hard to make the 1% rule ( I remember not so long ago where 2% was the rule) 

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