Crazy neighbor next door that is scaring everyone away

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So we just listed our latest “flip” and the neighbor is a total psycho. My landscaping crew was there and she claimed to be electrocuted by a Verizon cable line. She screamed at our septic guy. She screamed at our project manager. Then just today, i received a feedback from another buyers agent that she came right up to potential buyers today and screamed in their window to “Get the “F” out of here”. Needless to say, I’m a little concerned now. Any ideas on what i can do to get this lady to relax and let me sell the house. Offer her Cash for being nice? Or some kind of incentive to be nice? Any info would be much appreciated.

Try this before you flip on her 

Go over there and knock on her door ask her if you can chat for a minute because your concerned . Ask her if everything is okay .Hear her out listen even if it’s irrational even if she’s a lunatic .don’t say much keep repeating” I understand your point” “I see what you mean  “ let her air out her grievance and see if some compromise can be made with her . Be quick to apologize and swallow your pride for ten minutes . In my experience Crazy people like her just need to be heard and that their thoughts and feelings have merit and matter . After you’ve done that you can say you tried your best and made a reasonable effort to appease the woman . If she keeps on her ranting I would resort to plan B which is much uglier .....

Pay someone off Craigslist to just camp-out on her sidewalk with a ridiculous sign, and when she asks who hired him, have him tell her it was the neighbor on the opposite side of her. 

Diversion tactics, ftw!

1st thing I would do is consult my council to see what my options are. 

How did you acquire the property? Perhaps she was friends or related to the previous owner. If that owner was foreclosed on or something like that then that might be the reason she acts hostile and crazy.

I do like @Dennis M. 's idea of talking to her. Its harder to be nasty to someone who is nice to you. Nothing to lose.

Use the strategy hostage negotiators use like I mentioned above . Instead of getting upset with her and demanding she improve her conduct . Do the opposite and Sympathize with her and listen to her ranting and see if a compromise can be somehow achieved . These insane irrational people have a different mindset and require a different strategy  in my experience . A lot of times people just want to be heard and will feel and do better by simply letting go of the anger after they aired out their grievances . If this works for talking people out of jumping off a bridge and letting hostages go it ought to work on some idiot neighbor 

It is not possible to negotiate or deal with crazy. I have had to deal with crazy many time and have learned that being nice will accomplish nothing beyond dragging out the process.

Do not waste your time. Instead get a no trespass warrant taken out against her to stay off of your property and when she violates the warrant have her arrested. That is the only approach that has any possibility of impacting on crazy. It will keep her distracted until you are done.

Instead of trying to talk her off the bridge what you want to do is push her off the bridge.

You’d be surprised how often asking someone “are you OK” calms them down. Once upon a time I was a teacher, this worked on 14-year-olds and 54-year-olds equally well.

That and find out if she’s renting or owns...

I dealt with this for years selling lots and land.. you have a vacant lot the neighbor comes out and instead of welcome wagon its 50 reason why don't want to buy THAT lot..  and the number one reason is the neighbor has a case of NIMBY

so what I always did was prep the buyer ahead of time..  what the neighbor would say.. and say hey its OK for the neighbor to live here but not you ?  a little self serving right.. 

and the I would say just like this..  " I can tell your the kind of folks that would never let someone like this influence you or keeping you from buying a lot you liked "  and of course 95% would say your darn right that neighbor is not going to run us off !!! 

She may not understand what is going on and in some cases she just is plan and out right CRAZY. I agree with every one else maybe go over and hear her out. If she is unable to have a civilized conversation then maybe you need to put some showing notes in your listings to the Agents to just beware of the neighbor who suffers from some kind of mental health issue <-- not too sure if you are allowed to do this since technically I believe this is a protected class but I would maybe consult with your local real estate board. They may even have some great ideas to help work around this issue.

How old is she?

If it's age-related dementia or schizophrenia, she needs to be in a home. Professional caretakers milking benefits have a long history of lying about the severity of conditions to help people like this stay in the home and continue making a living off them.

If you really think this woman is insane, no one is being served by keeping her there except whoever's pretending to take care of her.

You could try calling the cops if she acts up or threatens someone, but the outcome really depends on what race she is. Yeah, I just went there!

I went to go look at a flip once in a "transitioning" neighborhood.... didn't take long for a crazy guy to come approach my realtor and explain in great length and detail how he'd burn the building down if we bought it. He went on and on and then some other neighbors stepped in and took him into their house. He thought my realtor was the investor and I was just some sidekick so I escaped most of the wrath... 

Point of all this, maybe you can have a neighbor how's in good standing w/ her run interference for you... 

Thanks for all of the responses.

I tried to call her but she cursed me out. So i went to the local police station and one of the policeman said he would go over there and talk with her. If she keeps causing trouble, he recommends i file a complaint. We shall see.

The police officer that said he will speak to her is going to get the same response from her as  you received and nothing will change.

Time is a wasting. 

As I said previously you can not deal with crazy. It will now take another confrontation, you filing a complaint, another police visit, more slow stepping by the police and nothing is going to change. Actually it will get a lot worse. This situation will follow a time honoured path without results until you take real action. Months will be wasted.

Ask the police about a no trespass order and at the very least you will keep her away from your contractors, realtors and potential buyers beginning tomorrow.  

Nothing will change until you change it.

Originally posted by @Thomas S. :

Ask the police about a no trespass order and at the very least you will keep her away from your contractors, realtors and potential buyers beginning tomorrow.  

Nothing will change until you change it.

 Good advice, but a no trespass order will not stop her from standing on her property line or on the street or sidewalk and continuing  her harassment from there.

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