How should I replace a 1950s sliding patio door??

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I have a 1957 3 BR/1.5 bath ranch house in the Belvedere neighborhood of Decatur / Atlanta, GA.  The original sliding door going out to the deck may be beyond repair, and I'm looking for ideas on how best to spend $$ to replace it.  The rough opening is approximately 80" x 144" (not quite as tall as modern doors).

Who's had to do this?  The house is currently a rental (let's say B-ish class) but the 10-year-ish exist strategy might be to fix and flip retail, depending on how the market is when I'm ready.  Do I put money into whatever the end product might be (french doors or a window/hinged door combination), or just do a straight modern-quality replacement for now?  We're talking $2,500-$3,500 for a straight replacement.  

Is there a cheaper and still decent option, besides just bricking it all in?  All creative ideas welcome!

You might be able to mull two picture windows to 8' sliding door, leaving a full view to the outside. Hard to say without seeing it though. 

@Juan Jackson - Thanks, that's one of the options I thought of.  I also saw that HomeDepot has left and right sliding doors that together are the right size for a 12' space.  I've got a door guy coming this week and maybe he'll have some additional ideas. It's the $$ that's really killing me.  But, steady long term tenants and capital investment . . . probably worth it.


What did you end up doing? I’m renovating a property and need to get a set of sliding doors replaced. I got a quote from Renewal by Anderson, and while this house is in an A+ neighborhood, the quote still seemed high.

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