Best Laminate Flooring options?

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I'm also including Luxury Vinyl Plank, can't edit the title of the post though. 

I'd been buying a high quality waterproof laminate/Vinyl plank from a local floor store and have been very happy. However, the other co-owner has recently become "more involved" in the store and raised the prices too much for my taste.

What options are there for laminate/LVP in medium grade rentals? I know there was a product at Home Depot that was getting rave reviews but I can't remember the name of it now. 

This is my criteria....

-must be WATER PROOF. I'm doing the entire property in the same flooring. That includes kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

-must come in a grayish to light gray/brown color

-must be reasonably priced. Hopefully under $3/SF

-must be easily sourced. I've looked online at foreign distributors but don't want the hassle.

I use the Smartcore flooing that you can get at Lowe's. It's about $2.80/sf and completely waterproof. If you're looking for floating floor. If you don't care about that I have done glue-down vinyl planks, and they tend to run about $1/sf and another $.25/sf for the glue, and $.50-.75 for luan plywood underlayment. Installation on them around here is about $1.50/sf. I recently did a house with it about 900 SF for $5/sf installed and that included quarter round and cutting in around kitchen cabinets, but the toilet & vanity were pulled. 

I like vinyl plank click lock or home depot allure traffic master glue-strip or allure ultra clicklock. It's usually under $3/sq ft it's waterproof and I think it holds up better than laminate.

Anyone have any experience with Pergo Oultast+ Applewood? 100% waterproof. From Home Depot.   We're replacing damaged parquet flooring in kitchen and damaged carpet. (from a flood). This is for a rental. 


We used Home Legends engineered hardwood from home Depot on our personal residence. Hardwood with a laminate core. $2 sf. Using the same product in this flip. Worked well, looks great. I'm not convinced it would be absolutely water proof like vinyl, but we ran it through entire house and caulked edges of wet rooms as added precaution.