Starting work before closing?

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We have a flip that we are hoping to close on within the next week. The title company is having so trouble getting one of the liens cleared up because the company is dissolved in the state of WI. The homeowner is okay with us getting in there and getting started now. My question is, does anyone have any documents with such wording? Thinking something aling the lines of a right to begin work clause?

Thank you!

That's a terrible idea. If the title company is having trouble with the title, why would you risk spending money on a property that you may never own?

As tempting as it is, don't start anything (even demo) until the property is yours. Too much can go wrong. Too much liability. Even if you're 100% the deal will close, it doesn't matter because other things can go wrong. It's not worth the potential issues that could happen between you and the current owner, contractors, etc.

I've done this before, it's a stupid idea even without the title issue. I started work a week prior to closing and at closing the deal almost got derailed because sellers weren't truthful about plat survey and property lines. Specifically, off street parking. I was about to walk but the sellers ended up cutting me a 2k check at closing for dropping the issue and proceeding with the deal.