Looking for GC recommendations near Sacramento

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Looking to get my first flip project going in my hometown of Yuba City, CA and am having some trouble finding a GC to manage the rehab. I've contacted a few companies and told them what I'm looking for, but they all have said they generally don't do work for flips. So, if there are any flippers/investors in the Sacramento and/or surrounding area that could recommend a competent and professional GC, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

@Robert Ferrell

My father-in-law happens to be a contractor, and has told me personally he hates flippers. And real estate agents. LOL. 


Because flippers are all about profit, and so many expect high quality work at a discounted price. And naturally, contractors hate that. It's much easier for them to be profitable (and less stressed) working for a homeowner who's living in the home that's being remodeled. 

That being said, I'll send you the contact information of a contractor I work with here in Sacramento. Not sure if he'll commute to Yuba City, and you might be better off posting an ad on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or calling everyone in the local phonebook. Best of luck!

@Wes Blackwell That basically captures the sentiment of the contractors I was able to find and contact. I'm not against paying for quality work, but it does indeed have to be quality work! They're in business to make money just as much as flippers are, and everyone wins if we can all work together. Thanks for sending over the info on your contact. Much appreciated!