Moving to Waco, Texas anyone investing in Waco/Dallas area?

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My family and I are moving to the Waco/Dallas area on the 22nd of this month. We are full time real estate investors. We own a few rental properties but our main focus is on residential remodel and sell (flip). We have been in the Texas market for about 9 months now and the potential in Texas is so great that we are relocating so we can expand with more confidence. I’m wondering if any of you in the Waco Dallas area are involved in any good real estate investing groups or meet ups? I would love to be able to get involved with some investors and lioe minded people in person. Thank you.

@ Jon Dawson I know of a wholesaler/investor in the Dallas are that would probably be a good connect for you! 

Benjamin Williams

NMB Properties, LLC

1209 N. Saginaw Blvd, Suite G-231

Saginaw, TX 76179