Looking for connections in Oklahoma

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Hey BP! I am looking to move and Invest in Oklahoma City and as such am hoping to connect with some other investors, contractors, agents, etc. I have recently found a few properties I think may be a good deal and want to take a next step on them but I need a little help with estimating the rehab costs - since I am new I have NO idea how much it will cost. I want to learn, but I don't know we're to start in estimating rehab costs Anyone willing to connect and help me out? Thank you so much!
@Cassi Justiz Thanks Cassi I would love to connect with you! I just started getting to know Dylan who seams to work for the same agency! If you don't mind me asking, other than being an agent are you also an investor or rather, what avenues of real estate do you tend to spend most of your effort on?

Welcome from a fellow OKC investor.  I find that @J Scott 's Book on Estimating Rehab Cost is pretty close to Oklahoma City pricing and it's an excellent resource in addition to pricing.