Hiring out cold calling

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Don't do it! The quality level goes to zero when you outsource it. Real Estate is a people business, meaning people do their best face to face. You want people to trust you, call them, talk with them. Get the face to face. A Virtual Assistant, which is what they are reffered to, in my experience are low quality with many overseas operators used. Not worth it, you can do it yourself and its best to speak direct with the same people to get the deal. Best of luck. 

@Reggie Maggard I tried to outside cold calling a few times. Both to VAs and to local commissioned salespeople. In every case they made a few calls and gave up, even though I told them starting out they're probably going to have to make 200-300 calls before they find a single lead.

Cold calling is just as important as answering the phone from direct mail. You need to do it yourself, at least until you're doing enough volume to build, train and properly oversee a full-time staff member.

In the multifamily brokerage space, all we do is cold call. We generally don't list on the MLS or Loopnet, so we source our business by cold calling owners directly, building relationships over time, and hopefully being their choice when they go to sell their property. That said, many of these owners are receiving cold calls from a host of people, myself included, so if you're not the one personally making the phone calls you're likely not going to see any tangible results...@Jack Bobeck said it well; real estate is a people business.

To be honest, I'm reading this thinking I might step up and offer to do it as a side gig.  I don't have the bandwidth at the moment, but maybe there's someone else here who wants to get better at it and would do it for $20 on their lunch hour or something.  Figure out what you'd pay, what metrics you would use, would there be a script to follow, etc.

@Reggie Maggard Hi, I don’t like cold calling either. My though was to hire a VA from overseas. However, after thinking about the value of prospecting (cold calling) to my business. I decided that I could not leave that to another person. Therefore, I just started calling myself.