best way to organize for renov

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Hey all, does anyone have any advice for best way to stay on task and on schedule for rehab project only have 90 day to complete project want to make sure I am being efficient and organized. Thanks for your help.

@Ani Simmons Create a well outlined Scope of Work (SOW) and have the contractor aware of any penalties for not meeting deadlines (fees for significant schedule slip, etc). Once this is written, walk through the document with your contractors and collect signatures of agreement. 

If you are working on the rehab yourself and see the project starting to take longer than projected, you can hire out additional labor to help with the process. I would suggest obtaining several quotes to get an assessment of what is a fair market price for the tasks you are asking to be completed.

Best of luck! 

Work with your contractor and develop project phases.  Take your timeline, break it up into the phases.  Do your own reporting on progress once a week and have your contractor provide a report once a week.  Get off the ground TODAY, don't wait til the 65 day mark to start worrying about time.  Engage now. Have it on paper and everyone follow the same road map. 

As Ritch suggested, I would create a Timeline/Gantt Schedule of all of the major items that need to be completed and then you can track your progress against the Schedule.  

If you start to get behind, you may need to hire additional help to get the project completed by your deadline.

Thank you for the advise @David Robertson and 

@Ritch Bonisa its much appreciated I am going to look for a SOW template for individual phases of the project so I can have each contractor sign prior to beginning work. This in turn should help me to remain on task in the allotted time for each phase. Great thanks again.