Struggling with networking.

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I'm trying to network and build a group of people with the same interest and similar goals in mind. I have a remodeling crew- five years doing rehabs, 30% cheaper then average and top quality, I come across deals 30%-40% their arv, I just don't have the funding. Partners come and go and I'm trying to build my team of cash partners and I don't know where to look. People would say REI meetings but all of the successful real estate investors who own huge companies and have investments everywhere that I know, have never went to a single meet up or recommended I go to one. But I'm looking for some guidance on how to network what I'm offering and what I'm seeking. I'd like to know where can I find these people? That could afford to invest and are interested in investing. Thanks for any responses. How Can I reach them? I'm thinking fliers. Thousands.


I'm not sure which "BIG" investors you know, but the ones I know still go to REI meetings. At least in the one I go to monthly, there are always the newbies and beginners, however, there are always more experienced people there also. You just need to track them down. Don't just go once! Go every month and you will quickly learn who the experienced ones are with the deep pockets. Introduce yourself, ask them questions, listen to them, and then go out and find good deals and ask them to lunch. Build a relationship with a couple and you will have plenty of cash.


@Leland James Guess what!  You just networked ;)  Have you thought about becoming a Pro member and working the Deal Finder on BP?  You could post your deals.  Or working with out of state investors (hint... hint...)?  

40% under ARV.... wow! With a crew in place! You just need to find 2-4 BRRRR investors who fit your model and you will crush it! Happy to talk more as I've worked this model in two other markets :)

Yes I would love to chat more and get some tips about how to meet these people and get them to work with me I tried the pro membership but I did see it was working very well