Color help for exterior paint on half brick house

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Hi all -

When we flip homes we have been going with some really popular grays. This one is half red brick so I am not sure any type of grey would work. Any suggestions are appreciated - painting the brick possible but here in Cleveland market with the winters we have no maintenance brick is appealing.

A light to medium grey would look great on that house, especially with the white windows you have. Do NOT paint the brick though. It looks good as it is. It will just create more work for you to paint it, and will create ongoing work for whoever buys it.

@Adam Craig I sold Ben Moore for almost 10 years. I agree with the others who say neutrals or opposites. (Gray, beige, or green, specifically olive or sage on the green side. )

You want the brick to stand on it's own. It's BRICK, after all. It's a great classic brick, too. Not too homogeneous or orange.

Someone said do NOT paint the brick. I agree. I would add, do NOT try to match it either. You will fail.

Tudor brown MIGHT work too but that's a risk.

Put the pic on one of those paint apps that lets you try on colors. It's a great picture for using something like that. I think a nice tan or gray might be nice.