Best home security system without an internet connection?

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Hi all,

I'm starting my first rehab in a few weeks, and I want to install a security system. I don't need video recording, just window/door sensors and motion sensors. The house will have power, but no internet.

What's the best DIY system to install in this scenario?

Thanks so much!

I bought a cheap used Simplisafe system and deployed the wireless motion sensor and glassbreak sensor only. paid $25/month and was able to monitor on my app. easy to move and cancel service.

I LOVE my SimpliSafe system. I use it in my flip. The motion sensor sitting on the counter lets me know when someone is in the house, and I also got the temperature sensor in case the furnace goes out. I chose the option that lets me get the push notifications. I just leave the alarm off and just get the motion detection notifications on my phone. That way if I'm concerned I can set the alarm off myself and call the police, so contractors and realtors don't have to mess with it, I just know they are there. 

I just sold my flip and will close the end of Aug. At that time I can just call and cancel the service until I need it again.
One thing I love about it is that it doesn't give me false notices. I have a Vivint system in my house and the sun will sometimes set off the cameras.