Does anyone know of a good* Cincinnati company that blows insulation into existing walls/floors/ceilings? I'm trying to price it out to determine if I will do it or hire out the job. I have about 720 sq ft of existing drywall walls and 1600 sq ft of existing hardwood/tile floors or drywall ceilings. 

Should it be done with spray in foam insulation? blow in fiberglass or cellulose? 

I read up that you cut 2 inch holes every 16 inches in the top of walls and drop the tube down to the bottom to let it fill the space. Should I cut a small hole in the bottom to relieve the pressure from the air blowing into the wall? 

Should I get cellulose or fiberglass for the walls? 

How the heck do you do the ceiling/floor? I'd prefer to cut holes in the ceiling rather than holes in a hardwood floor. This seems more challenging and technical than a wall. Just trying to wrap my head around how this works. 

Thanks for any and all feedback