Philadelphia (Philly) Plans - Architectural/MEP

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Hey BP, looking for input (and recommendations for those local) on cost for architectural and MEP plans. My architect has been cheap (<$2,500) but I get plans kicked back and my MEP plans run me about $5,000, less issues there. Wondering how that measures up, and if anyone has a local recommendation especially an architect in Philly would be happy for the connection.


@James Brand

Hey James, can you provide more info? I’ve spend $5k-$60k for architectural and $1k-$18k for MEPs. All depends on the project

@James Brand

So if done a few triplex rehabs about 3k sf each and it ran me around $10k for the architectural and another $3500 or so do the MEPs

I’ve done new construction duplexes that cost about the same. Rehabs are harder and more time consuming for an architect than new construction