Looking for partnering investor

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Hi, I'm looking for an investor who's willing to work in Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish County in Washington state.  I have the occasion deal(ARVx.70-Repair/closing cost) cross my path and have been able to wholesale one of which in the past.  That being said I'm more interested in the flipping process due to the fact that deals are somewhat difficult to come by and I am wanting to get more out of the each opportunity.  I have a construction back round and am able to put in sweat equity as well as bring a deal to the table, what I need is a partner with capitol.  I prefer to work with someone local but am not opposed to working with someone out of state if they seem like the right fit.  Please feel free to reach out to me if this is something that may interest you.  

Thank you, Tristan