How does one go about to find distressed mobile homes for sale?

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I've been looking through John Fedro's Mobile Home materials. Lots of very informative videos on yt.  I've talked to John and he is very sincere and helpful!  He also has MH experience in Florida.

@Drew Zaruba I agree with Drew. When I used to wholesale real estate, I'd use facebook as a place to find cash buyers. So, you can use Facebook Marketplace AND Facebook Groups to find wholesalers who have deals (like distressed mobile homes). 

You could also directly message wholesalers on Facebook. Try looking at the members of FB groups who post deals in these groups. 

Hope that helps! could learn to source your own deals by developing a list of likely owners. Send them some mail, see if they want to sell. 

That's what the wholesalers do and the price you'd spend on one wholesale fee would likely cover a half year of marketing and produce multiple deals.