Question on a dishwasher in a flip

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Quick question . . . we are doing a flip on a house and are redoing the kitchen (replacing cabinets and appliances.  The house is not a high end property (about $130K listing price).  There is an old (1970s) dishwasher in the current kitchen and the question is would you put one in or omit it and add another cabinet?  The kitchen is a galley kitchen.  Curious if buyers regardless of price range are buyers expecting dishwashers?

@Andy Sabisch

Sounds like all the plumbing is in place so I would just put another dishwasher in. It's a negative not having one for young people. Also, my experience with renters is it's a place for putting dirty dishes otherwise it winds up in the sink or countertop which results in roach problems.

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I am including all appliances in my flip right now, I bought them refurbished to not break the bank but am confident they'll give the new owners years of worry free use. Not sure what the ROI will be, but my rationale was that if I cut costs on something obvious like leaving out appliances, a buyer may wonder where else I've decided to cut costs.

Plus moving is stressful and the fewer things they have to worry about in their new home the sooner they can enjoy it.

Plus Plus I'm going for top dollar and I'll take every initiative I can to insight a bidding war over the most desirable house in the neighborhood... lol I can dream can't I

In my market, dish washers are extremely common. Since you are trying to push the ARV as high as possible, while still hitting budget, stainless steel appliances can help achieve that goal. They do not cost a whole bunch more than the baseline models and they will help you hit that high appraisal.

@Andy Sabisch why on gods green earth would you REMOVE a dishwasher and it’s plumbing? Just for one extra cabinet.

First, that would be an added expense from a plumber you don’t need.

Second, at least in my market, a house without a dishwasher would be dead on arrival.

Buy a new dishwasher for 3-400. It’s money wel spent.

Appreciate all the feedback . . . . found one at clearance at Lowe's for $130 (dented on the side which you never see) so it was less than the cabinet woudl have been.  Asked initially because I have probably used the one in the houses I have owned myself maybe 6 times in 10 years but as you said, expectations and a selling feature. Plumbing is there . . . might as well make use of it.

Thanks again!

Add the dishwasher. Even in one bedroom apartments tenants get excited about a dishwasher.

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