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Aloha BP Community, I’m new to the BP forum and beginning to look for fix and flip deals on Oahu (Kailua, Hawaii Kai, and Honolulu) I’ve had success renovating my last two residences in the SF Bay area (San Mateo). I live in Kailua now and plan to connect with Investment properties and fellow investors to detail business strategies, strengthen workflow processes, and possible partnership development. I’m not seeing an investor group that appears to be meeting regularly so starting or reviving an existing group would be a strong interest of mine. I would like to find a local group here that pushes each other to become better real estate investors. If there is one here on island, please advise as I’d love to join and participate. Also, please reach out as I'd welcome both talking story and talking shop.



Aloha Neighbor!  Kailua is definitely a great place to live ;).  While I won't be able to directly answer your question regarding any particular active investment groups on the island, I am very much interested in joining an investor group as well as I'm also currently actively looking for my first investment property.  There are many successful flippers on island and hopefully you can connect with some of them as you get into investing here.  If you're on social media at all, you can quickly find some of the active successful flippers who are killing it right now and who do a great job of marketing their business.  Extending you a warm welcome and best wishes Mitch.  Let me know if you want to chat!

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Aloha Mitch, great to hear your story. I am an investor and used to organize meet-ups here in Honolulu prior to Covid. We have several groups and meet-ups, most of them being online. One of the most popular one is probably Coffee Talk every Friday. 

@Mitch Franklin Aloha, Mitch! Another Hawaii guy checking in 🤙. Like Robert said, my company KECO Capital hosts a weekly virtual meetup over zoom: Coffee Talk. We often have open forum discussions, or have a guest speaker come out and talk about a specific niche or strategy. You're more than welcome to come on. Hopefully we'll be able to move towards some in person meetings soon, as well. I'm always more than happy to talk shop or see how I can provide you some value in your investing!

Howzit. I’d love to meet up to talk shop!

The groups I’ve experienced are centered around syndications. 
I think the proven fix n flip model is mid high end. Indar Lange and team do a lot of biz. They’re always looking for hard money as a note. 

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Thanks for the heads up on the Coffee Talk online call. Could you please forward me the link to access including the start time? How long does the call typically go for?