BRRR Opportunities in Fort Wayne, IN

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I'm a buy and hold investor seeking to purchase my first long distance property in the midwest. I've narrowed down to a handful of areas, and on paper Fort Wayne seems like it's full of potential opportunities. My particular strategy is to BRRR multi-families and I was hoping to hear any thoughts from local investors and agents and start developing a relationship with the boots on the ground. I'm looking forward to hearing any and all insights you have to help paint a more detailed picture of your city. Thanks!

Remember though, Adam, that to someone trying to invest from out of state, these prices are not "too much".  They are just higher than us locals had to pay five years ago so to us, it seems high.  They don't know the market or have the inside information that we might have to still get deals now.

Sean - we wholesale in Ft Wayne so if you would like to connect I’m happy to. PM me.

@Sean Madden I've been looking at Fort Wayne property for few months now, but I haven't found anything that makes sense number-wise yet.  If you have lower return targets than I do, then perhaps there are lots of properties that generates ok returns.  It all comes down to opportunity cost (why invest in illiquid real estate market when you can invest in other liquid assets like mutual funds/reits if the returns aren't better).

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