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Hello BP,

I just passed the Texas Real Estate licensing exam and am actively looking for potential Brokers to work with. As I read Finding and Funding Great Deals, there is so much valuable info and I realize I would like to have a Broker/Agent mentor with similar experience. I am currently working 40hrs and would like to start residential Real Estate Investing/Sales part time. My end goal is to become and active and reputable Real Estate Investor.

Areas of Interest: Dallas/Arlington/Fort Worth

-Wholesale/Agency (I understand there may be conflicts of interest if not handled properly)


-Buy & Hold

Does anyone have any suggestions?

SideNote: I am saving for my first buy/hold opportunity so maybe I can add value in this way if it makes sense. 

Any feedback is welcome.


Good luck Victor. I can't recommend any brokers to hang your license with but stick with it. It can be disheartening at times but keep plugging away and it will start to pay off for you.

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