Out of State Small Multifamily - Fort Wayne

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Hey everybody! I'm a new investor from New York and - with prices so crazy around here - have been looking into Fort Wayne as I hear Indiana is pretty investor-friendly. Can anybody advise as to which neighborhoods seem to be doing well and which neighborhoods to steer clear of? Thanks!

Fort Wayne is an awesome Market with a lot of profitable neighborhood  and Zips  for everything from buy and hold to flipping

I've currently only got a couple of buy and hold duplexes in the 802 and 808 zips here in Fort Wayne but I'm currently trying to  start flipping through joint ventures or partnerships with other investors here in Fort Wayne for more capital to purchase more buy and hold investments

I can't really speak in regards to a property manager specifically because  yes I do self manage .  I can definitely give you a few names but  in all honesty I haven't heard very many good things about any of the property managers here locally from other investors I've done work for or worked with

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