New Investor in Des Moines looking to build team

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to find some BRRRR rental properties in Des Moines to buy and hold. I'm new to investing; my only experience with real estate is buying and renovating my single-family home. I want to start by building my core team: agent(s), lender(s), contractor(s) and property manager(s). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Michael Ream welcome to BP! I would suggest that you attend one or more REIA meetings in Des Moines to network with others and build your team. You can also do a member search on this site to find local investors!

Hey Michael, feel free to drop me a PM. I've been focusing on the same in Des Moines for the last ~5 years and have built up a good list of recommendations. Also will echo Anthony and recommend the next meetup at Ingersoll Tap! 

Thanks to everyone for all your help. As I continue to research and learn about real estate, I've been refining my goals: I want to invest in multi-family property(ies), with an eye toward scaling up to small apartment buildings. Has anyone worked with real estate agents in Des Moines (or elsewhere) who can help me find such deals? Thanks!


Hello everyone, I will not be able to attend the REIA that was mentioned in this thread this time but would like to get involved in the future meetings. Is there a schedule of events, or some form of contact information I can get so I know who to talk to?

Thank you for your help.