Quad Cities Property Manager recommendations?

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Good evening Greg! I own and operate a small management company in the Quad Cities, A2Z Real Estate Management. We are a new and growing company. What type of properties do you have and what volume? We may be able to accomodate your needs depending on the size of your portfolio and if I'm not able to assist I would be happy to help find someone who fit your needs in the area. Feel free to message me for more info. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

I don't currently have any properties in the Quad Cities but am planning on it. I wanted to find a property manager first, find out the areas where PM's would like to have additional properties that are in demand for quality tenants.

I see. The best areas of the Quad Cities would be downtown Davenport or Bettendorf based on the demand that we see. Downtown Davenport is a very competitive market and the areas around downtown are still not extrememly desirable. We get a lot of requests to live in Bettendorf and people understand rents are higher there but from an investor stand point the best returns are often on the IL side of the river and near colleges. The properties may not be as nice but the cash flows are better. I've been investing, and managing myself since 2009 in the area and just recently began managing for others. I'd be happy to help you locate property or connect you with others I assist in management who may be looking to sell property or even connect you with an agent depending on the route to market you're going for.

@Greg W. I would like to professionally speak on behalf of @Michael Pease . He manages the totality of my Quad City portfolio. I trust his professional opinion on investing in the QC. He also provides bookkeeping, tax, and tax strategy services which really sets his company apart. Debbie, who runs the management daily operations is so personable and very good at getting unrented units tenanted. 

Michael also belongs to the QC REI Club which networks him amongst the largest collection of active RE investors in the region. Feel free to reach out to me in regards to any QC investing question you have.


@Greg W. sure do! A guy named Dave Rossa (shamefully he's not on BP!) He works out of the Moline Office for Mel Foster Realty. He is an investor himself, has a 25+ unit portfolio

Google him...I'm sorry I only have his cell # and I'm sure its better if you hit him up at his office. He was my mentor when I got started.

I know a lot of realtor's all with different specialties so let me know more of what type of property you're looking for and I can give you some suggestions as well. I also have an extensive list of clients/investors who are always too busy to handle all the deals they find and would love to connect you with them.

Just another vote for Dave Rossa.  He's helping me find my next property right now.  Also, I haven't used @Michael Pease yet but have spoken with him and he seems like a good choice.  I'll certainly consider giving him my business when I get to that point.  (1 property is kind of hard to justify using him just yet.)

@Michael Pease I am also new to the quad cities market but bought a property already at rock island close to college. Can you help me to find a good rental property in quad city area ?

@Sunny Sunnyvale reach out to one of my business partners, Kyle Condon. He is at Ruhl and Ruhl. He's a licensed Realtor if you are looking for more properties in the area.