Trouble Finding and Screening Qualified Tenants

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Davenport (East Davenport) landlords. Wondering if any of you have difficulty finding qualified tenants for your single family homes? Or how long it takes/how many bad applicants you typically have to weed through before finding a qualified tenant? I have a house in east Davenport (good neighborhood) that has been listed about 1 week. Had a lot of showings and 3 applications, all of which I'm rejecting for failure to pay rent to previous landlords, bankruptcies, income to rent ratio, etc. Home is listed at $1175. Wondering if I should drop the price. It's a 4 bedroom (but bedrooms are small, 2 are in the converted attic). Property is clean and in good condition. 

Property is listed on Zillow. 

Appreciate insight or thoughts anyone might have. Thanks.

@Allison Massey , it may be beneficial to mention your criteria when you first get a call. Before going into details of the house, explain you require a credit score of XXX, no bankruptcies, no evictions, the income ratio, and that you'll be confirming employment and standing with previous landlord. This will self-sort most of the folks who wouldn't qualify.

How is competitively is your house priced? Did you do a rent study before listing?

Are there large, professional employment centers nearby, like a hospital? If so, reach out to their HR department and let them know you have this house available to rent. They may have a formal or inform network that can be leveraged. If you're targeting nurses, residents, etc., you know they'll have the income to qualify and likely be responsible tenants.

Good luck!

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